Revenge of the Giants

A party of the most notable heroes in Nentir Valley has been summoned to Fallcrest. Lord Warden Markelhay relates that hill giants are descending from the Stonemarch. No word has come from Winterhaven since the initial report some three weeks ago. The settlement has a sturdy keep and a stubborn leader in Lord Padraig, though it is feared they are no match for the likes of giants.

As the greatest heroes in the valley, the party is sent to Winterhaven to determine the fate of its residents and find a way to stop the giant raiders from entering the valley proper. Ready for action, the party heads west toward an uncertain fate.

The party has discovered the Silver City of Argent and hearkened Obanar’s call to arms.

As newly anointed Silver Cloaked Champions of Argent, the party braved the Astral Sea in pursuit of the Divine Engine. Taking passage on a githyanki pirate ship they visited the Temple of Inchoate Mysteries to learn the location of the pieces of the Divine Engine. The threat is growing with the knowledge that their enemy now knows where the pieces are. The race is on…

Revenge of the Giants

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