Divine Engine


A divine engine is a type of artifact, although one of godlike power and origin. At least a dozen divine engines were crafted during the Dawn War. Piranoth’s Bane is one such artifact.

As the Dawn War was drawing to a close, the gods crafted a divine engine with the specific purpose of defeating and imprisoning the primordial known as Piranoth. It was successful in its use and Piranoth was banished for all eternity.

Piranoth’s Bane, a divine engine also called Klar’ekku, was designed by Erathis, the god of invention and Torog, the god of imprisonment. Moradin, the god of creation and artisans, constructed the artifact and gave it form and substance. It had to be used after Piranoth was defeated, while he was in an unconscioius state. After it was used, Kord, the god of strength and battle, shattered the divine engine into five pieces, each of which flew off to a different corner of the multiverse. One such piece was found by the champion named Deekon, who gave it to the guardian of Argent for safe keeping. This piece is stored in the vaults beneath the Guardian’s Tower. [Currently untrue]


No description of Klar’ekku can be found. Obanar describes the piece that was once in the Argent vault as a curved piece of adamantine. It is a half circle, about the size of a thick strap for a small barrel. It is impossibly strong and light.

Location of the pieces

Two of the five pieces are already with the fire giants at Flamefall Tower, one remains hidden at a place called Frost Spire Island, one is in the possession of the djinn named Kaseem and one is in the mayor’s home in the city of Breelton.

Divine Engine

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