Revenge of the Giants

Session 1 – Synopsis
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Party: Almorien, Kalaam, Leenah, Luz and Niall.

The party was called together from the farthest reaches of the Nentir Vale. As the greatest heroes of the valley they are commissioned by Lord Warden Markelhay of Fallcrest to investigate reports of giants near Winterhaven. No word has come from the remote mountain settlement for some weeks. A scout was sent to make contact, but has not returned.

From Fallcrest the party made haste westward toward the Cairngorm Peaks. The countryside was eerily quiet and uneventful. A few days travel brought the party to Winterhaven. People were about making repairs to the keep and its gate. Ernest Padraig, the Lord of Winterhaven greeted the heroes and apprised them of the recent giant attacks.

The giants attacked the settlement three times from various approaches that tested the defenders’ response. The final attack was on the gate to the keep. The hill giant leader summoned bolts of fire from the air and though fearsome, was unable to breach the gate. Three of the castle guard we slain in the attack. Almorien scouted the mountain passes, reporting giants on the move to the north, seemingly away from Winterhaven.

Already at the keep was a griffon-riding snow elf from far to the north. He is in search of an ancient Silver City to fulfill the pact with his people to defend the land in times of great need. This spurred Vathrun, the local sage, to confide in Niall that he too had read of an ancient city of silver whose heroes are unrivaled.

The party headed north along the old Kings Road into the mountains in search of hill giant raiders. Instead of giants they met a host of elementals attacking a large lion-like humanoid in fine clothing. They successfully destroyed the elementals and saved the creature from certain death. He introduced himself as Rrowthar, herald of Obanar, the last hero of Argent. He bid them into a magic circle that transported them to a courtyard within the ancient city of Argent.

Obanar, a warforged mage, greeted them. Before proper introductions were made, Bulette and stone men burrowed into the courtyard and attacked Obanar. The party defeated the creatures just as Obanar restored the magical defenses to this part of the city. He quickly explained that city was under attack by giants and was in peril without their help. He bade them to follow Rrowthar to another part of the city.

End Session 1.

Session 2 - Synopsis

Party: Almorien, Leenah, Luz, Niall and Quinn.

Having teleported to Argent the party is quickly drawn into the defense of the city with little information on their plight. Dutifully they set about securing the city.

Rrowthar led them into a decrepit part of the city to investigate a breach in the defenses. They discover an portal has been opened within the city. A hill giant shaman opened a rift to the elemental chaos ushering a myriad of elemental creatures onto the city streets.

Quinn arrived earlier than the party and was (conveniently) scouting the area. He joined the battle almost immediately. The ensuing battle went in the party’s favor very quickly with only occasional setbacks. With the elementals destroyed and the hill giant felled, Niall turned his mystical eye toward the rift. The summoning ritual was found on the giant’s body allowing Niall to effectively reverse the spell and collapse the rift.

Without a chance to rest, Obanar summoned the party to the Guardian’s Tower. Something had breached the vaults. He needed the heroes to investigate the new threat while he returned to the tower to bolster the city’s defenses once more.

Within the vault the heroes encountered more elemental creatures led by an Elemental Wizard. Defeating the elementals, they faced the Wizard alone. In a short exchange they triggered his defensive wards that teleported him some unknown refuge. Niall surmised from the defensive ward’s signature that it took him to a pre-determined place, possibly within the Elemental Chaos.

The heroes had earned their (extended) rest.

End Session 2

Session 2 - Current XP

Almorien: 35,630

Kalaam: 33,535

Leenah: 35,630

Luz: 35,630

Niall: 35,630

Quinn: 34,095

Interlude: The Last Guardian

In the aftermath of the battle in the vaults, an image of Obanar appears and bids the party to remain in the vaults until he arrives. The invaders are withdrawing and the city defenses are fully restored. In due time, Obanar arrives in person to set about releasing Luz and Almorien from the traps. The last two elementals are quickly destroyed.

From the vaults, Obanar and Rrowthar lead the party up a coiling grand staircase to a well-appointed sitting room in an upper story of the Guardian’s Tower. The style of décor and the design of the furniture are eclectic. Each piece is extravagant, apparently from many different designs and made from a wide range of materials. Some designs are recognized as elven, other dwarven and others unfamiliar. The seats are plush and plentiful.

Soon, a myriad of small constructs appear in the doorways bearing food and drink. They weave through the party distributing their goodies as Obanar address everyone gathered. “My heroes,” Obanar begins, “I am humbled by your trust and patience thus far. Events have moved quickly these last few hours. I am sure you have many questions for me. It seems the world has forgotten this place, though ancient enemies have not.”

“I should first explain who I am; I am Obanar, last guardian of Argent. Better than one hundred and twenty years ago my makers from the empire of Nerath sent me here as a champion. Nerath, as all empires before it, supplied Argent with champions to honor its obligations to the Paragon Compact.”

“What’s that? What of the Paragon Compact you ask?” He takes a grave tone, although the warforged wizard’s expressions show no change.

“As the Dawn War ended, many of the gods set up the Paragon Compact with the leaders of the civilized people to provide for the defense of the world against threats that go beyond local strife and uprisings. Threats with the power to lay waste the world itself. Every civilized nation has always provided champions to serve in Argent and take up the Silver Cloaks. But, sadly the compact is broken. No one has come to Argent to stand guard in its towers or relieve me of my watch. A century has passed. Even Nerath has forgotten its oaths and I am ashamed for my proud and ancient homeland.”

His tone brightens, again his visage remains unchanged, “But you are here! My seneschal has found powerful and noble champions. Argent is not yet lost so the fiends behind this threat have not yet won. Will you wear the mantle of honorary champions?”

“Come, you have many questions for me. Let me answer what I may.”

Quest: Allies

Obanar scans the faces of the party and appears to fade just a bit, “You are the champions now. My time is dimming while your time is come. My place is here on the walls of Argent, watching for more champions and walking the paths I have tread these hundred years. You must decide the best course of action. There are a few avenues of approach to the evil we face.”

Sizing up the assembled party he continues, “You are a powerful combined force, yet perhaps you may seek to add numbers in our cause. Your homelands are many leagues away and no doubt it would take much debate to roust disparate empires to action. On the other hand, Rrowthar’s people, the torrians, once gladly served the city of Argent and the Champions of the Silver Cloaks. They departed long ago and today they are lost somewhere in the world outside. Intuition says they still live, though they have forgotten their oaths and their honor. Find them and perhaps they will heed the call to serve again.”

Quest: Implements

Now, gazing at a grand painting of an eclectic group of heroes he continues, “In addition to the power of Argent’s defenses, the Champions of the Silver Cloak have a variety of magical aids at their disposal. I still retain the knowledge for crafting a special set of artifacts that may prove invaluable in your battles against the giants and their elemental allies. These Implements of Argent are not only individually powerful, but their might grows when wielded in unison. The key ingredient for their construction is sky metal, but it is scarce and hard to obtain. Were you to find a cache of sky metal I would gladly forge the mighty weapons of the Silver Cloaks again.”

Quest: Divine Aid

Again, walking among the party and speaking directly Obanar says, “Our enemy has stolen a piece of a powerful god-tool, a divine engine. When the gods defeated Piranoth, they used a powerful artifact of divine magic to imprison the primoridal for all time. This divine engine is one of many constructed for various purposes during the Dawn War. Securing the remaining pieces ahead of our enemy would slow his progress and possibly draw him into the open again.”

What say you – how do you propose we proceed?

What path to follow?

Obanar ponders all of the comments and if it’s possible for a Warforged to look pensive, he does. He breaks his contemplation, “You have many questions and though you seem prepared to choose your path, I might suggest you search for some answers here within the city before fully committing to action.”

The Argent Library

“The dusty tomes of the library may provide enlightenment, at least with regard to the Divine Engine. It is here in the Guard Tower.” Then looking at Leenah, “or perhaps you wish to consult your gods for guidance and revelation, there is a temple here in the city. They designed the engines after all.”

The former hero Qwor

“Mistress Luz, you wondered how we might find the sky metal. I believe that the only one that found sky metal was… was, the hero Qwor.” His tone grows dark, “he may be consulted,” Obanar reaches into his pouch and plucks a large intricate key from a small keychain, turning it over in his hand, “but a conversation with Qwor will not be pleasant.” Rrowthar fixes his gaze on Obanar as the ancient mage finishes his thought, “Qwor can be found lurking in the Necropolis. You will need to appeal to the remnants of his honorable nature.”

The Torrian House

“This appears to be your last choice of action,” Obanar says as he walks to large bureau. He opens a cabinet and glassware within clinks at his movements. He unsheathes a parchment and quickly scans its script. “Come to me when you are ready to pursue the fate of the Torrians. I will prepare a potion to aid you in unveiling the mysteries. The Torrian Proctor’s house is intact and there may be clues to be found there.”

  • Where do you wish to proceed?

OOC: we can handle any skill challenges via post. I will roll the dice for you, unless you wish to use an online dice roller – in that case, generate x10 d20 rolls.

Researching the Divine Engine
Uncovering truths in the library of the Guardian's Tower

Tall, ornate double doors swing open to reveal a huge library. Shelves full of books and scrolls fill the room, reaching from floor to ceiling, some three levels overhead. Work tables and comfortable chairs are spaced around the area with spiral staircases leading to the upper shelves. Glowing orbs of soft light hover quietly around the room, providing proper illumination for reading. The place smells of dust and musty pages.

Round 1 skill checks: Perception (DC 25)

2 Successes: Luz 30, Quinn 32

3 Failures: Almorien 20, Leenah 14, Niall 23

The party spreads out across the stacks searching for key references among multitude of labeled and unlabeled writings. Luz is first to strike upon historical recordings the Dawn War; her keen eyes spot a tidy collection of scrolls. With some cross-referencing, Quinn also finds some obscured texts with references to artifacts of the gods and primordials. With a sense for the library layout in mind, the scholars dig in for some reading on the topics gleaned thus far:

A divine engine is a type of artifact, although one of godlike power and origin. At least a dozen divine engines were crafted during the Dawn War. Piranoth’s Bane is one such artifact.

Round 2 skill checks: Arcana (DC 25), History (DC 20) or Religion (DC 25)

3 Successes: Almorien (History) 24, Leenah (History) 34, Niall (History) 23

2 Failures: Luz (History) 13, Quinn (History) 12

It is obvious early on that Luz and Quinn contribute very little to the scholarly pursuits. Leenah’s visions of a past life guide the research. Niall and Almorien strike up an especially relevant conversation on the roles of the various races in the Dawn War. As a group they uncover a good baseline of information:

As the Dawn War was drawing to a close, the gods crafted a divine engine with the specific purpose of defeating and imprisoning the primordial known as Piranoth. It was successful in its use and Piranoth was banished for all eternity.

Bonus Round skill checks: Perception (DC 25) or Thievery (DC 20)

4 Successes: Almorien (Perception) 28, Luz (Thievery) 33, Niall (Perception) 27, Quinn (Thievery) 24

1 Failure: Leenah 24

Some writings hint at other texts and tomes elsewhere in this library, though they are not accounted for. This triggers a renewed search for hidden compartments and forgotten bookshelves. Luz and Quinn find their legs in this endeavor, uncovering secret tomes and concealed stores of scrolls.

Round 3 skill checks: Arcana (DC 25), History (DC 20) or Religion (DC 25)

2 Successes: Leenah (History) 34, Niall (History) 30

3 Failures: Almorien (History) 16, Luz (History) 16, Quinn (History) 12

With many of the unaccounted writings now in hand, the scholars delve deeper for illumination. A few more relevant passages are revealed:

Piranoth’s Bane, a divine engine also called Klar’ekku, was designed by Erathis, the god of invention and Torog, the god of imprisonment. Moradin, the god of creation and artisans, constructed the artifact and gave it form and substance. It had to be used after Piranoth was defeated, while he was in an unconscioius state. After it was used, Kord, the god of strength and battle, shattered the divine engine into five pieces, each of which flew off to a different corner of the multiverse. One such piece was found by the champion named Deekon, who gave it to the guardian of Argent for safe keeping. This piece is stored in the vaults beneath the Guardian’s Tower. [Currently untrue]

Updated XP - skill challenge & posts bonus

Almorien: 36,6470

Kalaam: 33,535

Leenah: 37,620

Luz: 37,620

Niall: 37,620

Quinn: 35,185


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