Revenge of the Giants

Session 2 - Synopsis

Party: Almorien, Leenah, Luz, Niall and Quinn.

Having teleported to Argent the party is quickly drawn into the defense of the city with little information on their plight. Dutifully they set about securing the city.

Rrowthar led them into a decrepit part of the city to investigate a breach in the defenses. They discover an portal has been opened within the city. A hill giant shaman opened a rift to the elemental chaos ushering a myriad of elemental creatures onto the city streets.

Quinn arrived earlier than the party and was (conveniently) scouting the area. He joined the battle almost immediately. The ensuing battle went in the party’s favor very quickly with only occasional setbacks. With the elementals destroyed and the hill giant felled, Niall turned his mystical eye toward the rift. The summoning ritual was found on the giant’s body allowing Niall to effectively reverse the spell and collapse the rift.

Without a chance to rest, Obanar summoned the party to the Guardian’s Tower. Something had breached the vaults. He needed the heroes to investigate the new threat while he returned to the tower to bolster the city’s defenses once more.

Within the vault the heroes encountered more elemental creatures led by an Elemental Wizard. Defeating the elementals, they faced the Wizard alone. In a short exchange they triggered his defensive wards that teleported him some unknown refuge. Niall surmised from the defensive ward’s signature that it took him to a pre-determined place, possibly within the Elemental Chaos.

The heroes had earned their (extended) rest.

End Session 2

Session 1 – Synopsis
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Party: Almorien, Kalaam, Leenah, Luz and Niall.

The party was called together from the farthest reaches of the Nentir Vale. As the greatest heroes of the valley they are commissioned by Lord Warden Markelhay of Fallcrest to investigate reports of giants near Winterhaven. No word has come from the remote mountain settlement for some weeks. A scout was sent to make contact, but has not returned.

From Fallcrest the party made haste westward toward the Cairngorm Peaks. The countryside was eerily quiet and uneventful. A few days travel brought the party to Winterhaven. People were about making repairs to the keep and its gate. Ernest Padraig, the Lord of Winterhaven greeted the heroes and apprised them of the recent giant attacks.

The giants attacked the settlement three times from various approaches that tested the defenders’ response. The final attack was on the gate to the keep. The hill giant leader summoned bolts of fire from the air and though fearsome, was unable to breach the gate. Three of the castle guard we slain in the attack. Almorien scouted the mountain passes, reporting giants on the move to the north, seemingly away from Winterhaven.

Already at the keep was a griffon-riding snow elf from far to the north. He is in search of an ancient Silver City to fulfill the pact with his people to defend the land in times of great need. This spurred Vathrun, the local sage, to confide in Niall that he too had read of an ancient city of silver whose heroes are unrivaled.

The party headed north along the old Kings Road into the mountains in search of hill giant raiders. Instead of giants they met a host of elementals attacking a large lion-like humanoid in fine clothing. They successfully destroyed the elementals and saved the creature from certain death. He introduced himself as Rrowthar, herald of Obanar, the last hero of Argent. He bid them into a magic circle that transported them to a courtyard within the ancient city of Argent.

Obanar, a warforged mage, greeted them. Before proper introductions were made, Bulette and stone men burrowed into the courtyard and attacked Obanar. The party defeated the creatures just as Obanar restored the magical defenses to this part of the city. He quickly explained that city was under attack by giants and was in peril without their help. He bade them to follow Rrowthar to another part of the city.

End Session 1.


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