Almorien Noromin

Griffon rider from the far north


Personality Traits

Although Almorien has a somewhat other-worldly exterior and a grim, battle-hardened appearance, he is still very much an elf at heart. He is passionate about everything he does, and can find wonderment in things others might consider devoid of beauty. His lifetime of living in Emlatira and the Aerie of Menelherth has taught him that survival requires that one maintain the fire within one’s own heart. Many outsiders, especially humans, regard him as aloof at first, until they get to know him a little, and realize it is mostly just his startling appearance and his lack of experience with outsiders.

His training and path in life have lead him into constant risk and danger, so he is nearly fearless and not likely to back down from taking risks. He has grown up in a brutal and rugged environment, with threats looming on a daily basis. During his youth at Menelherth, he was given a tough regime of hard labor (to toughen him up) and constant combat training (to hone his skills and prepare him for battle). One time, while feeding a newly trained Griffon, he was savagely attacked, but managed to escape with his life. It was from then on that he really understood the wild heart of the griffon and what it meant to be a Gweluhîr. The rider and the warrior must both exert their mastery over the griffon and over the battle field. His youth was filled with dangerous recon missions into the cold mountains by air and by foot. As he aged, he took on greater foes and earned many honors among his people. He is a true sky lord.

Mannerisms and Appearance

Almorien is a tall and wiry elf. He has shoulder length white hair with a wide, gold-woven braid that reaches down his back to his waist. He has glittering silver eyes, that are uncommon even among his own people. His face is pail and clean-shaven – crossed diagonally by four faint scar lines.

When not wearing armor, he wears a deep blue tunic, woven with golden yellow threads and the blazon of the Gweluhîr: a black griffon. He wears grey leggings and black knee-high boots. He often wears a matching blue cloak, designed for travelling in the cold regions of his homeland. He is never without his exquisite shield and spear. His armor is an azure scale, crafted from the scale of a blue dragon.


The Snow Elves

Those non-elves that even know about these elusive elves refer to them simply as “Snow Elves” or “Sindargloss.” They call their own city “Emlatira,” but the elves from southern lands call it “Menelost” and those that dwell in it the “Menelostuin.”

These remote elves dwell in this far northern city of mountain aeries, elegant bridges, tall spires, magical structures of crystal and ice, and secret stone under-works.

Many eons ago, the elves of the south grew tired of sending army after army north to throw back invaders from the dark mountain races, like giants, dragons, orcs, and barbarians. They planned and planned and waited, sending spies, mages, and rangers into the mountains for generations of the short-lived mountain dwellers. At long last, they attacked and, in two shorts years of brutal assault, carved the bastions of Emlatira from the mountains. They defeated dark armies and ancient dragons, threatened the giants and barbarians to respect their new domain, and pushed back many counter attacks. After the initial battles died down, many great Elvin heroes chose to stay among the mountains and defend it from further attack. They also worked to make it a place to rival the beauty of other Elvin homes – their shining light in the dark, a home among the shimmering stars. Over the aeons, these elves and their descendants have created their own unique culture, connecting them more deeply to their frigid environment.

Names and etymologies

Sindargloss – The common name of the Snow Elves.

[snow ◈ gloss S., N. [glˈɔss] adj. snow-white, dazzling-white ◇ Ety/359, RGEO/70, VT/42:18 ◈ loss S. [lˈɔss] n. snow (especially fallen or long-lying snow) ◇ S/434, VT/42:18, RGEO/70]

Gweluhîr – Air Masters, Lords of Air, Sky Lords. The Gweluhîr are an ancient caste of Sindargloss warriors, renowned for their mastery of fighting with griffon mounts.

[air ◈ †gwelu S. [gwˈɛlu] (gwelw N.) n. air (as substance) ◇ Ety/398, X/W ◈ gwelwen N. [gwˈɛl̡wɛn] n. air, lower air (distinct from the upper air of the stars, or the outer) ◇ Ety/398 ◈ gwilith N. [gwˈiliθ] n. air (as a region) ◇ Ety/398 ◈ †lind S. [lˈind] (lhind N., lhinn N.) n. air, tune ◇ Ety/369, X/LH, X/ND1]

[lord ◈ brannon N. [brˈɑnnɔn] n. m. lord ◇ Ety/351 ◈ hîr S., N. [hˈiːr] n. m. master, lord ◇ Ety/364, S/432, SD/129-31, Letters/382, LB/354, VT/45:22]

Menelherth – The Household of the Sky; a household under a lord, the Sky.

[sky ◈ menel S. [mˈɛnɛl̡] n. sky, high heaven, firmament, the region of the stars ◇ LotR/II:I, LotR/IV:X, LB/354, RGEO/72, VT/44:21,23-24]

[household ◈ herth N. [hˈɛrθ] n. Mil. household, troop under a “hîr” (master, lord) ◇ Ety/364]

Emlatira – The Sindargloss name for the city in the sky.

Menelost – The city in the sky. This is the name most non-resident elves call Emlatira.

[sky ◈ menel S. [mˈɛnɛl̡] n. sky, high heaven, firmament, the region of the stars ◇ LotR/II:I, LotR/IV:X, LB/354, RGEO/72, VT/44:21,23-24]

[city ◈ caras S., N. [kˈɑrɑs] n. 1. circular earthwall with dike ○ 2. city (built above ground) ◇ Ety/362, LotR/II:VII, RC/311 ◈ minas S. [mˈinɑs] (minnas N.) n. abst. 1. tower ○ 2. by ext., fort, city with a citadel and central watch-tower ◇ Ety/373, S/434, VT/42:24 ◈ ost S., N. [ˈɔst] n. 1. city, town with wall round ○ 2. citadel, fortress or stronghold, made or strenghtened by art ◇ Ety/379, S/435, WJ/414, RC/232 ◈ †othronn S. [ˈɔθrɔnn] (othrond S., N.) n. fortress or city in underground caves, underground stronghold ◇ Ety/379, Ety/384, WJ/414, X/ND4]

Menelostuin – The Elves of Menelost

[uin S. [ujn] prep. of the ◇ SD/129-31 ◇ o+i]

Elvish Etymology from:

Almorien Noromin

Revenge of the Giants Almorien