Revenge of the Giants

Session 3 - Astral Plane

With their research on the Divine Engine complete, the party debates whether to pursue the sky metal or seek the aid of the Astral Giants. As the necropolis is within the city walls they decide to approach the dead hero Qwor before striking out into the Astral Sea.

In the necropolis they encounter a champion wight who cannot remember his name. Despite his condition, the undead creature retains enough of his honor and memories to question the party’s worthiness to walk within the halls of the dead heroes of Argent Through insightful use of historical references and diplomacy they convince the wight to let them pass unmolested. Deeper in the necropolis they find the mausoleum of Qwor. At the door Qwor’s ghost appears and challenges them to reach his sarcophagus and recover the key to finding the sky metal. Quinn deftly unlocks the door. Inside Niall’s superior intellect unravels the mysterious maze within. At his final resting place Qwor engages the party to divine their purpose for the sky metal. Successfully convincing him of the grave nature of Piranoth’s threat he allows them to open his sarcophagus and retrieve a blue gem keyed to the location of the sky metal and the reconstruction of the Implements of Argent.

After a spirited debate they vote to pursue the knowledge of the Astral Giants first. Obanar bids them well and transports them near to the Black Harbor. There they find passage aboard a githyanki pirate ship called the Ghost, captained by Akrathial.

Passage to the Temple of Inchoate Mysteries is thankfully uneventful, though they are shadowed by another ship for the first two days of their journey. Dropped at the golden stairs to the temple they engage with the Astral Giant Star-strider who listens to their story of Piranoth’s threat. He indicates that the temple leader Zanashu has been acting strangely since drow have come to the temple in search of the same knowledge. They ascend the stairs quickly. Within the domed hall they battle with the drider priest, Esixtara. Realizing that Zanashu was under the influence and control of the drow, they find a way to release him during the battle turning the Astral Giants to their side. One drow escapes with the information on the location of remaining parts of the Divine Engine and Torugar, the exarch of Moradin.

In the aftermath, the giants explain that Torugar is the key to repairing the Divine Engine and is now compromised – soon within the grip of the drow. The remaining pieces of the engine are scattered. Two of the five pieces are already with the fire giants at Flamefall Tower, one remains hidden at a place called Frost Spire Island, one is in the possession of the djinn named Kaseem and one is in the mayor’s home in the city of Breelton. The one at Breelton is in the safest position at the moment.

Seeing the ferocity of their foes, they decide to pursue the sky metal next to aid them in the battles ahead. Niall begins the ritual to return to Argent…

(to be continued)



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