Revenge of the Giants

Researching the Divine Engine

Uncovering truths in the library of the Guardian's Tower

Tall, ornate double doors swing open to reveal a huge library. Shelves full of books and scrolls fill the room, reaching from floor to ceiling, some three levels overhead. Work tables and comfortable chairs are spaced around the area with spiral staircases leading to the upper shelves. Glowing orbs of soft light hover quietly around the room, providing proper illumination for reading. The place smells of dust and musty pages.

Round 1 skill checks: Perception (DC 25)

2 Successes: Luz 30, Quinn 32

3 Failures: Almorien 20, Leenah 14, Niall 23

The party spreads out across the stacks searching for key references among multitude of labeled and unlabeled writings. Luz is first to strike upon historical recordings the Dawn War; her keen eyes spot a tidy collection of scrolls. With some cross-referencing, Quinn also finds some obscured texts with references to artifacts of the gods and primordials. With a sense for the library layout in mind, the scholars dig in for some reading on the topics gleaned thus far:

A divine engine is a type of artifact, although one of godlike power and origin. At least a dozen divine engines were crafted during the Dawn War. Piranoth’s Bane is one such artifact.

Round 2 skill checks: Arcana (DC 25), History (DC 20) or Religion (DC 25)

3 Successes: Almorien (History) 24, Leenah (History) 34, Niall (History) 23

2 Failures: Luz (History) 13, Quinn (History) 12

It is obvious early on that Luz and Quinn contribute very little to the scholarly pursuits. Leenah’s visions of a past life guide the research. Niall and Almorien strike up an especially relevant conversation on the roles of the various races in the Dawn War. As a group they uncover a good baseline of information:

As the Dawn War was drawing to a close, the gods crafted a divine engine with the specific purpose of defeating and imprisoning the primordial known as Piranoth. It was successful in its use and Piranoth was banished for all eternity.

Bonus Round skill checks: Perception (DC 25) or Thievery (DC 20)

4 Successes: Almorien (Perception) 28, Luz (Thievery) 33, Niall (Perception) 27, Quinn (Thievery) 24

1 Failure: Leenah 24

Some writings hint at other texts and tomes elsewhere in this library, though they are not accounted for. This triggers a renewed search for hidden compartments and forgotten bookshelves. Luz and Quinn find their legs in this endeavor, uncovering secret tomes and concealed stores of scrolls.

Round 3 skill checks: Arcana (DC 25), History (DC 20) or Religion (DC 25)

2 Successes: Leenah (History) 34, Niall (History) 30

3 Failures: Almorien (History) 16, Luz (History) 16, Quinn (History) 12

With many of the unaccounted writings now in hand, the scholars delve deeper for illumination. A few more relevant passages are revealed:

Piranoth’s Bane, a divine engine also called Klar’ekku, was designed by Erathis, the god of invention and Torog, the god of imprisonment. Moradin, the god of creation and artisans, constructed the artifact and gave it form and substance. It had to be used after Piranoth was defeated, while he was in an unconscioius state. After it was used, Kord, the god of strength and battle, shattered the divine engine into five pieces, each of which flew off to a different corner of the multiverse. One such piece was found by the champion named Deekon, who gave it to the guardian of Argent for safe keeping. This piece is stored in the vaults beneath the Guardian’s Tower. [Currently untrue]


Quinn regards Niall somberly: “Well, my Eladrin cousin, any news on the location of the other four pieces of this divine engine?” Quinn looks around at Leenah and the rest of the party expectantly…

Researching the Divine Engine

I think it might be safer to assume that this little attack on the city was a successful attempt to obtain the piece beneath the Guardians Tower. Unless we can obtain information to the contrary, we should consider that “they” have the piece.

What does it mean that this device was used on Piranoth while he was unconcious? Is it possible that his followers could use the device to awaken Piranoth?

OOC: Can I used my Bluff learn more about Piranoth? ;)

Researching the Divine Engine

“THERE it is!” Niall seems to have been distracted during the research up to this point and, after patting down his clothing, beltpouches, and backpack finds a fine scrimshaw pipe. Lighting it and drawing deeply on the pungent smoke, he seems paradoxically more relaxed and more focused.

“Now that’s bein’ much better. Ahhh. Now let’s see. I believe the acquisition of the Klar’ekku before our enemies is our main goal, and furthermore that the remaining four pieces are our immediate priority targets. This would prevent the release of the Primordial Piranoth, who was trapped within it so long ago, it seems.”

He taps ash from his pipe onto the broad surface of his book imp’s head.

“BLASXELFULOTH!” it blurts.

“The little flying devil is right, my friends. Let us research the location of the remaining four pieces that remain and hie us at once to their recovery!”

[OOC] Avenues of inquiry – History of Deekon and any associated heroes and their tales of searching and finding the pieces. Where did he/she find the piece? Arcane – Devise methods of detecting at a distance the pieces of Klar’ekku. Do they camoflague themselves? What do they look like? What size are they likely to be? What does the whole thing assembled look like? How is it operated? Arcane / Perception – Examine the storage area for the piece that was taken from the Guardian’s Tower. Any background auras or clues? Arcane / Religion – what language is Klar’ekku from? What is its literal translation?

Researching the Divine Engine

OOC – The library has revealed all that it can to you.

Obanar rejoins the party accompanied by mechanical tables bearing refreshing drinks and nibbles of food. After hearing the information you have gathered, Obanar adds, “From your research I can suggest another avenue to learn more about Piranoth’s Bane. The astral giants of the Temple of Inchoate Mysteries keep information of the location of the pieces of the divine engines.” He cocks his head to the side, trying to remember something, then continues, “I do not know where in the Astral Sea the temple might be, but I do know where someone who might know will be. The githyanki pirates of Black Harbor will know the way. I can send you there and you could seek passage to the temple. Find the temple and perhaps we can convince the astral giants to aid us.”

Experience Reward: 840 xp each

Researching the Divine Engine

Quinn asks Obanar: “What can you tell us about these githyanki. I don’t believe I have encountered them before. Are they friend or foe and will we need to buy or coerce their cooperation?”

Researching the Divine Engine

Obanar responds, “The githyanki are a curious people. They were once slaves of the illithids and inhabit Limbo and other planes. In my time their queen was Vlaakith the 152nd.”

“Those at Black Harbor are pirates, it is not clear to me what motivates them beyond wealth. Do not trust them overmuch.”

Researching the Divine Engine

Do we have any images of what githyanki look like? Do we have any magical means of learning or speaking their language?

Researching the Divine Engine

Obanar thinks for a moment, “I keep no pictures of githyanki, but they resemble tall, gaunt humanoids with almost skeletal features. Their garb tends to be ornate. I trust your resourcefulness if they do not speak common.”

Researching the Divine Engine

“Very well,” says Quinn. “Let us not waste any more time with indecision. Convey us to Black Harbor in the Astral Sea so that we may find the Temple of Inchoate Mysteries. I suggest we use Argent as our base of operations should we need to resupply or recuperate between forays to find the pieces of the Divine Engine. How do you suggest we find our way back when the mission is complete, Obanar? Is there some teleportation ritual you can impart on Niall to convey us back after the mission ends in success?”

Researching the Divine Engine

“Give me a short time to configure a ritual,” Obanar says.

OOC: We’ll pick this up on Sunday

Researching the Divine Engine

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