Revenge of the Giants

Quest: Implements

Now, gazing at a grand painting of an eclectic group of heroes he continues, “In addition to the power of Argent’s defenses, the Champions of the Silver Cloak have a variety of magical aids at their disposal. I still retain the knowledge for crafting a special set of artifacts that may prove invaluable in your battles against the giants and their elemental allies. These Implements of Argent are not only individually powerful, but their might grows when wielded in unison. The key ingredient for their construction is sky metal, but it is scarce and hard to obtain. Were you to find a cache of sky metal I would gladly forge the mighty weapons of the Silver Cloaks again.”


Niall thinks this might be the best first course of action since it’ll allow the party to further get to know each other and provide a good tactical training ground, especially once the items are recovered. With us heroes acting as a well coordinated team, the other challenges will be much easier to confront and defeat.

Niall rolls an Arcane check on the Implements of Argent for some more details. 21 skill + 19 roll = 40 skill check.

Quest: Implements

Where do we even begin to find sky metal?

(Can I use my bluff in place of …. :)

Quest: Implements

Obanar addresses Luz, “The sky metal may be found, the one who last held some is still … approachable.”

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Quest: Implements

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