Revenge of the Giants

Quest: Divine Aid

Again, walking among the party and speaking directly Obanar says, “Our enemy has stolen a piece of a powerful god-tool, a divine engine. When the gods defeated Piranoth, they used a powerful artifact of divine magic to imprison the primoridal for all time. This divine engine is one of many constructed for various purposes during the Dawn War. Securing the remaining pieces ahead of our enemy would slow his progress and possibly draw him into the open again.”

What say you – how do you propose we proceed?


Niall believes this should be our second priority, but due to the fact that the enemy is also searching for them, could be convinced to pursue this first since it is more time sensitive. The name Piranoth deserves some research, and the divine engine as well.

Religion check Skill 18 + d20 roll of 16 = 34 skill.

Quest: Divine Aid

Perhaps we can do some scouting to see how close the enemies are to taking action in the pursuit of these pieces. If we can get some sort of inside information, then we could use this to our knowledge and mislead our enemies into looking in the wrong places. I am in agreement with Niall in that we could use powerful weapons before we begin this process, but we might be able to do some tasks at the same time.

Quest: Divine Aid

Quinn has been silent for much of Obanar’s speeches. He nods in agreement with Niall at select times, and after hearing everyone’s thoughts, opines himself: “It seems we have three possible courses in front of us, but they are all different roads that should take us to the same destination, which is confrontation and defeat of this great enemy. I for one am uneasy, for I feel we are still too much in the dark about the true nature of the foe we are facing. A force that enters the battlefield with no intelligence is a force headed for certain doom. We know not our enemy, and having fought but one battle alongside you all, I submit that we know not ourselves as well. I would not commit our untested forces to any direct confrontation until we know more. But at the same time, we must scout out our enemy and learn more about him, the better to know his weakness and ultimately defeat him. I vote for a course of action that allows us to skirmish with the enemy without overcommitting. It appears the second or last options will afford us that opportunity so I am content with either as our next quest.

“However, Obanar, I must register my uneasiness. I wish to know more about our nemesis. How are they organized? Do we know who leads this army? And what is their ultimate mission objective? What is it they want with your fortress here? If indeed your order has fallen into an ineffectual state, why even bother attacking here when their aim lies elsewhere? And who was that wizard that led the assault here? He seemed to wield powerful magic and I am displeased that we allowed him to escape; now he has us at a disadvantage. Do you have any scrying or divination magic that can give us more intel on the threat?”

Quest: Divine Aid

Quinn thinks for a brief moment and then speaks again. “Obanar, before you answer my questions, I also wanted to pose another thought and query.

“You mentioned that the enemy wishes to wake a Primordial, one named Pirinath I believe. I can imagine the deadly conclusion to reality should such an event come to pass. But the enemy that pursues that goal; is it a decentralized movement or a singular force? If it is a decentralized organization with multiple dozens of cells throughout the world, then we face a monumental and improbable task, for we would need to eliminate all of them to stop the threat, as they each would be capable of operating independently with minimal oversight from a highly mobile and untrackable leadership cabal. However, if it is a massive force (even with multiple arms), that emanates from a central leadership, as a traditional army would be composed, then our task is much simpler. Then we only need skirmish until we learn who the ultimate head of this army is, divine his location, and then surgically remove him. My hope is the latter, for even though the task would be epically challenging, it would be surmountable with the right intel. The former would be a nearly impossible race against time.”

Quest: Divine Aid

Obanar answers, “Master Quinn, you have many questions I cannot answer. Our enemy wanted a piece of the divine engine – he has that now. Should they still attack Argent remains to be seen, but your presence here may be cause enough. The resurgence of the Silver Cloaks is a threat they must contend with. The true mastermind remains a mystery.”

Quest: Divine Aid

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