Revenge of the Giants

What path to follow?

Obanar ponders all of the comments and if it’s possible for a Warforged to look pensive, he does. He breaks his contemplation, “You have many questions and though you seem prepared to choose your path, I might suggest you search for some answers here within the city before fully committing to action.”

The Argent Library

“The dusty tomes of the library may provide enlightenment, at least with regard to the Divine Engine. It is here in the Guard Tower.” Then looking at Leenah, “or perhaps you wish to consult your gods for guidance and revelation, there is a temple here in the city. They designed the engines after all.”

The former hero Qwor

“Mistress Luz, you wondered how we might find the sky metal. I believe that the only one that found sky metal was… was, the hero Qwor.” His tone grows dark, “he may be consulted,” Obanar reaches into his pouch and plucks a large intricate key from a small keychain, turning it over in his hand, “but a conversation with Qwor will not be pleasant.” Rrowthar fixes his gaze on Obanar as the ancient mage finishes his thought, “Qwor can be found lurking in the Necropolis. You will need to appeal to the remnants of his honorable nature.”

The Torrian House

“This appears to be your last choice of action,” Obanar says as he walks to large bureau. He opens a cabinet and glassware within clinks at his movements. He unsheathes a parchment and quickly scans its script. “Come to me when you are ready to pursue the fate of the Torrians. I will prepare a potion to aid you in unveiling the mysteries. The Torrian Proctor’s house is intact and there may be clues to be found there.”

  • Where do you wish to proceed?

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Master Obanar, I have another question about the Divine Engine. Is this a weapon that can only be used once all the pieces are assembled? Or can it be used while still incomplete? If the former, then we can afford to wait, for as long as we keep even one piece away from our enemy, then the Divine Engine will be impotent. However, if it is the latter, and they have a weapon they can use early and which grows stronger with each new piece added, then we must make that our first priority.

Also, do you anticipate much military resistance for acquiring Sky Metal? Do you have any reason to believe that our enemy would be chasing after the same resource as well?

What path to follow?

Obanar responds to Quinn, “I do not know with certainty that all of the pieces are required for the Divine Engine to function. Come, let us find out together.” He beckons the party to follow him to the library.

“Sky metal is rare, surely it is not easy to acquire. Qwor will know best – it remains to be seen if he will divulge his knowledge.”

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What path to follow?

I’m of the thought that the Divine Engine is the key here, so leave us hie to the library Master Obanar.

What path to follow?

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