Revenge of the Giants

Quest: Allies

Obanar scans the faces of the party and appears to fade just a bit, “You are the champions now. My time is dimming while your time is come. My place is here on the walls of Argent, watching for more champions and walking the paths I have tread these hundred years. You must decide the best course of action. There are a few avenues of approach to the evil we face.”

Sizing up the assembled party he continues, “You are a powerful combined force, yet perhaps you may seek to add numbers in our cause. Your homelands are many leagues away and no doubt it would take much debate to roust disparate empires to action. On the other hand, Rrowthar’s people, the torrians, once gladly served the city of Argent and the Champions of the Silver Cloaks. They departed long ago and today they are lost somewhere in the world outside. Intuition says they still live, though they have forgotten their oaths and their honor. Find them and perhaps they will heed the call to serve again.”


Rrowthars people, and the brotherhood of the silver Cloak…Leenah is going to try and search her past lifetimes for history of them. she’ll add d8 to a history check.

Quest: Allies

From the dark recesses of your memories an image emerges – you are talking with a creature that shares Rrowthar’s features. He seems pleased with your prior conversation; apparently you and he have reached some accord or achieved a shared goal although the specifics remain unclear. As you spin away from the Torrian you catch a glimpse of the bloodstained silver of your cloak. Now before you is a scene of carnage where armies of men and monsters have fought – the battlefield is still. The image fades.

[META] I’ll add your d8 to your next History skill check.

Quest: Allies

Niall’s two copper is that we’ll need allies eventually, but not until we know the extent of the threat.

Quest: Allies

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