Revenge of the Giants

Interlude: The Last Guardian

In the aftermath of the battle in the vaults, an image of Obanar appears and bids the party to remain in the vaults until he arrives. The invaders are withdrawing and the city defenses are fully restored. In due time, Obanar arrives in person to set about releasing Luz and Almorien from the traps. The last two elementals are quickly destroyed.

From the vaults, Obanar and Rrowthar lead the party up a coiling grand staircase to a well-appointed sitting room in an upper story of the Guardian’s Tower. The style of décor and the design of the furniture are eclectic. Each piece is extravagant, apparently from many different designs and made from a wide range of materials. Some designs are recognized as elven, other dwarven and others unfamiliar. The seats are plush and plentiful.

Soon, a myriad of small constructs appear in the doorways bearing food and drink. They weave through the party distributing their goodies as Obanar address everyone gathered. “My heroes,” Obanar begins, “I am humbled by your trust and patience thus far. Events have moved quickly these last few hours. I am sure you have many questions for me. It seems the world has forgotten this place, though ancient enemies have not.”

“I should first explain who I am; I am Obanar, last guardian of Argent. Better than one hundred and twenty years ago my makers from the empire of Nerath sent me here as a champion. Nerath, as all empires before it, supplied Argent with champions to honor its obligations to the Paragon Compact.”

“What’s that? What of the Paragon Compact you ask?” He takes a grave tone, although the warforged wizard’s expressions show no change.

“As the Dawn War ended, many of the gods set up the Paragon Compact with the leaders of the civilized people to provide for the defense of the world against threats that go beyond local strife and uprisings. Threats with the power to lay waste the world itself. Every civilized nation has always provided champions to serve in Argent and take up the Silver Cloaks. But, sadly the compact is broken. No one has come to Argent to stand guard in its towers or relieve me of my watch. A century has passed. Even Nerath has forgotten its oaths and I am ashamed for my proud and ancient homeland.”

His tone brightens, again his visage remains unchanged, “But you are here! My seneschal has found powerful and noble champions. Argent is not yet lost so the fiends behind this threat have not yet won. Will you wear the mantle of honorary champions?”

“Come, you have many questions for me. Let me answer what I may.”


Well, mister mechanical man Obanar, let me understand what you are sayin’ if I might.

This threat is just the first shoot of a pernicious weed that you say will be leadin’ to what exactly? And why now, of all times, are these Primordial factions coming tae this plane of existence when they got their own, and one that’s sizable to be sure!

There must be some kinda motivation for an invasion like this – an old grudge perhaps? Somethin’ this big don’t happen on greed for conquest alone, I’m thinkin’.

And as for your offer of bein’ a Paragon Champion, well I’m sure somewhere in the fine print and bylaws the Feywild Court needed tae be sending somebody to ya, so that somebody might as well be me. I’m in for one, and for seven more if ye include me little friends.

“GASSLGHRIBBBLE!!” says the Book Imp on Niall’s shoulder.

Well this little bastard thinks we’re doomed anyways. No big surprise. But that’s never a particular concern of mine, long as right gets done.

So, mister mechanical man, what’s bein’ the next step in our plan to save the world?

Interlude: The Last Guardian

Obanar addresses the party as he responds to Niall’s query, “No disrespect to your companion Niall, his premonition is well taken, but though this threat is grave we are not yet doomed. As for the timing I cannot say – that is the choosing of our enemy, we must react.”

“The giants have come together is such numbers as has not been seen since the time of the Dawn War. Earth giants have already struck here at Argent and I believe that they are also marching on other key places throughout the land. I fear that the giants and their elemental allies are being rallied to free a primordial from its ancient prison. This cannot be allowed to pass.”

He continues, “You are worthy champions, powerful and noble. I ask your companions if they too accept the duties of the Paragon Compact. Formality and tradition can be aside in this time of peril. You must set aside your other aspirations, for Argent has need of you. The world is on the brink of an immense threat. If the giants rampage freely, thousands of innocents will die. And if the primordial is set free, then the cost of life shall increase a hundredfold. The primordial has the power to organize the scattered forces of the Elemental Chaos into an army capable of renewing the Dawn War.”

“We must approach this threat carefully.” he warns, “There are quests to undertake, research to conduct and battles to launch before we can hope to win this war.”

Interlude: The Last Guardian

Leenah stands before Obanar clearly moved by such a noble cause.

“I will serve you Obanar, and oppose this Primordial with the light of a thousand white suns, Patron willing.”

“Surely the ancestral scholars of Ardent knew more of this threat?”

Interlude: The Last Guardian

Obanar puts his hand on Leenah’s shoulder and speaks, “You do not serve me Leenah – you serve the code of the Silver Cloaks and all of the good that it strives to enact.” He punctuates his last statement with a clenched fist to his chest.

He continues, “Most certainly there is information within these very walls, I will show you the way to the library – it is here within the (Guardian’s) Tower. There are many primordials and many divine engines from the Dawn War, understanding the stolen piece may be the key to stopping the primordial called Piranoth.”

With a nod to Leenah’s divine nature, Obanar says, “Should you wish to commune with your patron you may go to the Temple of the Dawn and pray to the gods for guidance and revelation.”

Interlude: The Last Guardian

Elias steps forward, looking as if he has just come from a hunt…

“Now as I understand this Paragon Compact, is that the Gods managed this contract between various Kingdoms to provide for conscripts (heroes) for Argent. Since the contract, as you say is currently broken, does it not stand that the heroes of Argent should take over management of such a contract and seek renewal of the terms? I am pretty sure we may be able to claim victory in this battle we are fighting, but without some ability to ensure future protection, we can not promise that a similar dwindling of support will happen within the next couple of centuries. Can you speak a bit to the articles that these kingdoms and races have signed on for and is it possible to see the original compact; just to verify that there are no new laws within the kingdoms which might lead to a conflict in between domestic laws and this foreign agreement? I fear some of the kingdoms cannot easily create substantive laws for such conflicts, any longer, and we may need to deal with them in a much more political arbitration. Of course if there is a God lurking about, somewhere, we could easily speed up the arbitration process. A God would, however, greatly limit our direct influence on such negotiations. Not that I care for such things myself, I am just happy to help for the sport of the thing.”

Elias awkwardly adjusts his hunting horn and looks around furtively.

Interlude: The Last Guardian

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